Freedom is an Illusion.

Politically Correct

The discussion continued on the ship, and an estimate was made regarding how deep in trouble they really where. In the end they decided that the biggest problem was the ship that was linked to the killing of Storm Troopers and the destruction of 2 Tie fighters. Luckily their names where not linked to the device. B’ura B’an proposed to provide a new “clean” ship, if they made their troubles go away. This would include removing Teemo The Hutt from the equation. The crew decided to accept with the reservation to investigate the impact of what would happen. And how deep the pit they really is.

Tarla managed to reprogram the interval with a bit of help from Babar, and managed to redirect the signal to a neighbouring hyperlane. When they left hyperspeed, Tarla gave his pilot credentials by accident, when entering the atmosphere, drawing some unwanted attention to himself and the ship.

After landing Babar took a couple of actions, and by accident updated their position over the transponder. Thinking to remove the sensor once and for all, they left the ship, only to be greeted by a puffing Sergeant Carter of the Imperial Navy. In the beginning he was a bit offensive when speaking to Tarla, but after speaking with Ronulys Corval he calmed down, showing a clear aversion versus non-humans. He left with a remark that he would look into this, but winked at Ronulys when he left. Leaving a reassuring impression.

Afterwards B’ura B’an guided them to a shop where they where able to sell some of the hardware they acquired from the Storm Troopers. He warned them he was a ruthless merchant, but able to move just about anything.

They entered Unforeseen Consequences with an open mind and a great deal of caution. Tsabo welcomed them, but quickly it became clear to everyone present, he only respected fellow Humans and Money. A few deals where made, a couple of weapons changed owner. And everybody was the better for it, only a few remarks where made that would never be forgotten.


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