Freedom is an Illusion.

Politically Correct

The discussion continued on the ship, and an estimate was made regarding how deep in trouble they really where. In the end they decided that the biggest problem was the ship that was linked to the killing of Storm Troopers and the destruction of 2 Tie fighters. Luckily their names where not linked to the device. B’ura B’an proposed to provide a new “clean” ship, if they made their troubles go away. This would include removing Teemo The Hutt from the equation. The crew decided to accept with the reservation to investigate the impact of what would happen. And how deep the pit they really is.

Tarla managed to reprogram the interval with a bit of help from Babar, and managed to redirect the signal to a neighbouring hyperlane. When they left hyperspeed, Tarla gave his pilot credentials by accident, when entering the atmosphere, drawing some unwanted attention to himself and the ship.

After landing Babar took a couple of actions, and by accident updated their position over the transponder. Thinking to remove the sensor once and for all, they left the ship, only to be greeted by a puffing Sergeant Carter of the Imperial Navy. In the beginning he was a bit offensive when speaking to Tarla, but after speaking with Ronulys Corval he calmed down, showing a clear aversion versus non-humans. He left with a remark that he would look into this, but winked at Ronulys when he left. Leaving a reassuring impression.

Afterwards B’ura B’an guided them to a shop where they where able to sell some of the hardware they acquired from the Storm Troopers. He warned them he was a ruthless merchant, but able to move just about anything.

They entered Unforeseen Consequences with an open mind and a great deal of caution. Tsabo welcomed them, but quickly it became clear to everyone present, he only respected fellow Humans and Money. A few deals where made, a couple of weapons changed owner. And everybody was the better for it, only a few remarks where made that would never be forgotten.

Cattle ?!?

As the crew started towards the third cargo bay, that supposedly housed the cattle. After a short discussion regarding who enters when they enter the third cargo bay. After entering they noticed a holding bay for the victims of Trex – The Bounty Hunter.

The hold houses some of the equipment used by bounty hunters for the restraint and trans- portation of captives. Several sets of binders hang from the walls, and there are six small cy- lindrical cell units mounted on tracks for ease of transport. Five of these units are empty, though one contains the crouched and cramped form of a male Twi’lek. The captive appears old and frail, with pale blue skin and a single long, thin lekku coiling from the right side of his head. Where the left lekku would be is an ugly cauterized stump. At the sound of your approach he raises his head in alarm, but his expression becomes one of curiosity when he sees who you are.

Master Thanden started talking with the captive, who spun a tale of his home planet Ryloth

“Well, I’ll try to keep my long story short. For some time now the rulers of Ryloth have been, in my opinion, remiss about who they allow in on the planet’s Ryll mining industry, which you must understand is only barely legitimate in these days of Imperial dominance. For some time, bands of Aqualish thugs terrorized mining communities, forcing Twi’leks to work for scant reward and extorting all sorts of favors and resources from mines that might otherwise have prospered. I banded together with some associates in order to protect New Meen, our most profitable mine, from the thugs. For a while we held them off.
Then they simply disappeared. We were relieved at first, but soon learned that they had been killed in the process of some underworld take- over. Shortly after that, bands of outsiders began to purchase land near the mines. They claimed they were developing it, though we could tell they were there merely to spy on us and make life difficult. A short while later, during a journey to Nabat, I was attacked by a band of rogues, in- cluding the Trandoshan who maimed and branded me before sealing me up in this cell.”

After talking a bit more about the owner of the vessel in which he is incarcerated and his ties with Teemo The Hutt. “I have been giving a lot of thought to the Hutts recently. To my knowledge, they have had little interest in ryll production before. They will dis- tribute it, of course, but until now they haven’t been linked to any of the operations to actually mine it. I wonder if, seeing as the Trandoshan who captured me worked for this Hutt you mention, that is set to change.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could drop me off at the city of Nabat. I have friends there who would be willing to offer us a safe place. There are a number of good mechanics in the city, and we could see to it that your ship is repaired and refueled for your trouble.”

The crew agreed but didn’t want to set B’ura B’an free just yet. And decided to go and take care of their own first. After bandaging Tarla and putting him up in the crew quarters for a bit of sleep. Joe took responsibility for B’ura B’an and set him free. After a small bargaining round with Babar, Babar concluded that there was no more tranquilliser in the medkit and looked around for something to bite down on. Finding nothing better, he stuffed the pillow in the face of the twi’lek who immediately started suffocating. Joe quickly intervened and probably saved the Twi’leks life. Afterwards there was a discussion regarding the deal made which ended in the destruction of a General Scanner.

Up, up, and away

As the crew left the starport several things popped up on the console of the Krayt Fang

A large flashing red script in Trandoshian in the center of the screen,
A small flashing icon in the shape of a cresent moon or fang
And an irritating and intermittent pop-up in Trandoshian script
A flashing red Icon, composed of a square with three vertical lines at equal intervals.

A rotten and rank odor permeates the vessel
A loud claxon is blaring
The sound of deep grunting voices is broadcasted over the internal speakers, this was identified as a Gamorean Opera.

Babar set to work on the different issues, while Joe went to check the the source of the smell. Initially Joe had better luck on the tracing, but once he arrived in cargo bay one he arrived at a dead end. After spending a couple of moment searching he called in Master Thanden. Master Thanden being more at home with the current problem, quickly discovered a hidden storage under the floor panels of the freighter. Upon opening it, he lost his lunch as a result of the incredible stench that came up. Joe pulled him back and eased him against one of the support beams. After a quick inspection, Joe identified the source of the smell being non processed wookie skins. Joe stashed the skins in a crate and put them back in the storage locker. Afterwards they canvassed the second cargo bay they went looking for the third, that Babar mentioned.

Babar in the mean time discovered that the ship was low on fuel, there was a third cargo bay, and the ship was being tracked by Teemo The Hutt. And that the ships computer is capable of translating the Trandoshian script that pops in on the screen.

As the group moved in on the location of the third cargo bay, a sound interrupted them as they identified it as being two Tie Fighters. Within seconds Joe and Grak were in the turrets and looking for targets. As the Tie Fighters approached they shot a warning shot passing the bow of the ship.

Before communications could be established Joe and Grak in a showmanship of great teamwork shot the first Tie fighter out of space. The second Tie fighter tried to recover from the shock but was the victim of the same wonderful teamwork.

Tarla and Babar chose this moment to activate the Hyperdrive, destination Ryloth.

Babar ran a couple of extra checks, and everything seemed to check out. A small discussion broke out about the usability of the ship after the last incident. The conclusion was that in about a month there will be several sectors where this ships transponder code will be identified as being owned by criminals. Linked to the destruction of two Tie Fighters and probably the killing of two units of Storm Troopers but this was not confirmed.

United they stood

In the cantina a Falleen businessman is bartering with the bartender Kardue’sai’Malloc over a crate of rare whiskey. Just as he is making the best deal possible the group stumbles in. And disperses immediately.

The Duros crosses the room in a few quick strides and jumps behind the stage. The Twi’lek performer exchanges a couple of words with him, but apparently doesn’t press the subject.

The heavily armoured Gank takes position in the booth closest to the door and draws his blaster carbine. ready to shoot the first Gamorean to enter the establishment.

The bulky Chevin takes up position behind one of the tables in the center of the room en bends his knees, as if he is sitting in mid air, while keeping hold of the table.

The Weequai goes directly to the Falleen and starts to discuss something in an urgent but hushed tone.

After a few short moments, a group of four Gamorians stumble down the stairs from the entrance, and end up in the ambush prepared by the Gank. Shouting “Contact” he opens fire on the face of the first Gamorian at semi point blanc rang, taking of the biggest part of his head.

The other patrons duck for cover while all hell brakes loose. The Weequai wields his Gaffi stick with great effect but olmost gets outmanoeuvred by the greater numbers. In a true gunslinger way the Duros ducks from behind the stage and shoots one of the Gamoreans in the groin. The second shot went astray and blasted the Gaffi Stick from the Weequais hands. But when the Falleen and Chevin join the fight it ends in one sided victory.

Kardue’sai’Malloc is remarkably tolerant towards what just happened. After taking a quick stock and deducting no real damage has been done to his Realestate, he resumes the bartering with the Falleen. He offers to pay a lower sum as discussed earlier but to sweeten the deal he explains how they can get off planet. The Falleen accepts the offer, quick introductions are made, and a partnership of convenience is created. Together they set out to recover a Hypermatter Reactor Ignitor from the local junkyard, as the first step to commandeering a ship to get out of here.


Everybody strains to be free, especially in a Universe where Slavery lurks around every corner. Some lifeforms value being free above being alive. But in this universe everything has a cost, and in the end, how free are you really when you are tied down by a troubled past.

Mos Shuuta is a small village on the planet of Tatooine held in the iron grip of Teemo The Hutt. Teemo is quick to help those in need, but his help always has a cost. And these five unfortunate individuals are paying a very steep price.

In Teemo’s eyes, he is wronged by every one of them, and each and every one of them needs to pay the price! These five individuals don’t know each other, but faith is putting them together in one starship. For days they have been hiding in plain sight.

Then one afternoon as they are strolling through the city of Mos Shuuta, a group of Gamorian Guards in the employ of Teemo The Hutt shout out in recognition. The fight or flight instinct kicks in, and four potential targets start sprinting down the street. As they speed down the street, realisation dawns that they are united against one threat. As they pass the local Cantina they jump down the stairs and speed inside.

Ready to make a stand, united against a single threat. Maybe together they will be able to escape this hellhole and reclaim their much coveted freedom.

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